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2012 Toyota Camry

2012 Toyota Camry

On August 23, 2011, Toyota introduced its seventh generation brainchild - the 2012 Toyota CamryThe updated car received a new design, a more spacious interior, improved dynamics and a quieter ride, compared with its predecessor. In the class of safety, economy and multimedia, the new Camry is the best ever created by ToyotaFirst released in 1983, Toyota Camry has become the “template” for modern mid-size sedans, defining quality criteria, reliability and comfort for many years. Since then, the car has sold around the world in the amount of more than 15 million units.

“2012 Camry combines such important qualities for the car as comfort, performance, reliability and safety, all combined with an attractive design,” said Bob Carter, vice president and general manager of Toyota“The competition in the mid-size sedan class is strong, so we are committed to ensuring that the Camry maintains constant leadership and expands its appeal.”
The 2012 Toyota Camry offers three engines to choose from, each of which has been upgraded to improve fuel economy and speed. The 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine now has 178 hp, which is 9 more than in the previous version, and the maximum torque is 170 Nm. Estimated fuel economy: 9.4l / 100km in the city and 6.72l / 100km on the highway. The 2.5-liter engine uses Dual VVT-I (Double Variable Timing) technology, which controls the variable valve timing for both intake and exhaust valves to ensure optimal performance and efficiency at all engine speeds. Acoustic Induction Control (ACIS) helps optimize torque over a wide engine speed range.

 Toyota Camry 2012

Exterior design

The 2012 Camry has a simple yet elegant modern look that emphasizes the broad, low positions compared to previous models. Strongly curved doors and moldings (chrome-plated in LE and XLE class) give Camry a more expressive look.

Headlights merging with the bumper have a more dynamic shape with pronounced curvature. Fog lights are standard on the XLE and SE class.

The Camry LE and XLE models have additional chrome exterior trim elements, the SE class has its own exclusive lower body design and a fine mesh grill at the top.

In 2012, new colors were added to the new Camry body design, including Attitude Black Metallic and Clear water Blue.

Car interior 

Almost with the same dimensions as in the previous generation, the new Camry has a more attractive and spacious interior. The new dashboard design, the modified seating position, racks and headliner create a feeling of more space and spaciousness. Changing the seat position and the standard tilt of the steering wheel (tilt increased by 33%) helps improve visibility and driver's seat.
The accelerator pedal and the front seats were moved forward, and the rear seats were slightly back, increasing the distance between them by 1.5 cm.The center console and the front edge of the rear seat were redesigned, increasing the legroom of the rear seats by an average of 5 cm.

Three-dimensional designs and contrasting textures of the material give the new dashboard a sense of depth, while the forms themselves contribute to the feeling of a more spacious interior and improve visibility in front. Curved lines on the dashboard visually reduce its mass. Soft textures, door finishes, door armrests and a center armrest enhance Camry comfort. Soft upholstery and neat trim seams help create a feeling of luxury. Aluminum color and chrome finish are used rationally.

The seats on the Camry LE and XLE models are ivory; Camry SE has a unique black or black and gray upholstery. The design of the front seats with higher backs and large cushions increase the level of comfort. The height adjustment of the driver's seat increased by almost 1.3 cm.

2012 Camry offered four seat upholstery options: fabric in LE and XLE, fabric with Softex in SE, standard leather trim on the XLE V6, and Ultrasuede ® with leather for the SE and XLE Hybrid. Heated seats are standard on the XLE V6.
Particular attention was paid to the functionality and comfort of the center console. The front section has a 12V connector and a USB port for connecting players and other multimedia devices.
Folding rear seatbacks allow you to increase cargo space. Side airbags, as well as a rear armrest with cup holders add comfort and convenience.

Performance and efficiency

The DOHC 3.5-liter V6 engine is installed on the SE and XLE models. It has 286 bhp. and 6,200 rpm, with a maximum torque of 248 Nm achieved at 4,700 rpm. Improvements in this engine primarily affected its efficiency: 11.2l / 100km in the city and 7.8l / 100km on the highway.

The V6 uses a chain drive of camshafts and a function of double variable valve timing with intelligence (Dual VVT-I). In order to increase efficiency, the V6 is equipped with a new, lower oil viscosity and a special fluid, which helps to quickly reach the operating temperature in cold weather. The LE, XLE and SE models are equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission, which offers sequential manual shift mode using the shift console.

Camry 2012 Standard Features Camry 2012

integrates advanced electronic technology and enhancements. Bluetooth technology for wireless telephony, like automatic phone book transfer, is now a standard feature. In addition, a USB port is standard, which allows you to play music and video from portable audio devices using the car's audio system.

The standard audio system on the LE, XLE and SE models has a 6.1-inch screen and six speakers. The monitor screen also displays energy and fuel consumption data, as well as the functions of the integrated rear view camera (only on SE and XLE) and the display of the audio system. In addition, there is a navigation system on the screen that is integrated with Entune (Toyota's innovative multimedia system).

Camry also offers the JBL Green Edge ™ audio system, which combines an eight-channel amplifier and door-mounted speakers to deliver high-quality sound.

Entune Multimedia System

Camry is one of the first cars in which the Entune multimedia system is installed. This new system uses a smartphone to provide integrated access to navigation, entertainment and information services.

Thanks to the support of a number of applications in Entune, the driver has access to such information as: weather, traffic, fuel prices, promotions and sports.

The audio system, combined with the Entune feature, is an advanced spoken voice recognition system that helps the driver focus on the road, eliminating the need to memorize thousands of voice commands.

Indices of calm

Toyota engineers took care of reducing the noise level in the carWind and road noise are usually noticeable to drivers and passengers. Low noise figures (in decibels) do not always mean a subjectively calm interior. Passengers' perception of silence also depends on the type and frequency of sound.

Measures that were aimed at suppressing wind noise: sealing the door, optimizing the placement of soundproofing materials, the use of foam in doorways, special acoustic glasses, as well as special bonnet fasteners.

Exceptional handling and ride

A more rigid body structure, optimized front suspension, and a redesigned rear suspension have filled the new Camry with greater stability and crisp steering, increasing overall ride comfort.

The 2012 Camry is made of high tensile steel (440 MPa or higher), making the model harder and lighter. Specially designed blinds for the bumper and bonnet also reduce weight.

McPherson A-pillars increase stability on straight sections of the road. The rear suspension retains the proven Dual-Link strut configurations from the previous model, which were redesigned with new geometry (improved toe-in when cornering and braking), improving cornering stability.

Aerodynamic elements of regulation of air flow under the car also contributes to a smooth ride.


All 2012 Camry models are equipped with ten standard airbags. Rear airbags and front knees are new to the Camry.

The Camry body structure is designed to help absorb impact collisions and minimize impact on interior deformation. The car uses high-strength steel, and the seats are designed to help absorb the load as a result of a side collision. The internal structure of the hood and front edge are designed to reduce pedestrian injury in a collision.

Like all Toyota models, Camry will be equipped with Toyota's standard Star Safety System ™, which includes Stability Program (VSC), Traction Control (TRAC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) and Emergency Braking System . Electronic tire pressure monitoring is standard equipment.

Another available security system, Safety Connect, will help in case of emergency contact the operator, who will help send the police and ambulances to the victims. The system combines automatic collision notification, as well as in the event of a car theft. It will help to track the location of a stolen car using GPS.

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