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2013 Toyota Camry

2013 Toyota Camry 

After the appearance of the seventh-generation Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid in 2012, Toyota decided to leave them for 2013, improving interior design and safety technology.

Toyota Camry is America's best-selling car in the past 15 years. In 2013, the Camry received an updated design, a more spacious interior, improved driving dynamics and a quieter ride than its 2012 predecessor.

Camry Hybrid 2013, which has a fuel consumption of 5.4 liters per 100 km, has also undergone internal improvements. The new, soft-touch material is used on the front panel of the door in hybrid LE, as well as petrol LE and SE models. On LE models, the armrests are now combined with the interior color (previously they were black).

The entry-level models of 2013 Toyota Camry - L class, in addition to it there is LE, XLE and sports SE class. A choice of four-cylinder engine for models L and LE and V6 for SE and XLE. Hybrid Camry is available in two trim levels: LE and XLE.

First launched in 1983, Toyota Camry set the standard for mid-size sedans by defining criteria for quality, reliability and safety. Since then, Toyota has sold more than 15 million Camry vehicles worldwide.

Exterior design

The new generation Camry uses a simple, but at the same time elegant modern look that emphasizes the width of the model. This effect is achieved through clear lines and dynamic headlights. Strongly curved sections on the doors give Camry an expressive appearance. Fog lights are standard on the SE and XLE classes.

Camry LE and XLE class use additional chrome trim, in addition, SE has an exclusive design of the fine mesh grille of the upper section. SE also has a fog lamp compartment in the bottom panel.

Interior Design - Salon

While the car is almost the same size as its predecessor, the new generation still offers a more spacious interior. Toyota engineers have optimized interior elements for additional space, as well as improved the quality of comfort for the driver and passengers. An example is the range of tilt of the steering wheel, which is increased by 33% compared with the previous generation model. Rear seat passengers received 5 cm more space for their legs.
The changed structure of the dashboard has reduced its visual mass. Soft textures are used in the upper door trim, door panels and armrests. Upholstery and workmanship help create a feeling of luxury. Aluminum colors and chrome trim are used evenly.
In the LE and XLE classes, the seat is ivory and gray. SE has a unique black or black on gray upholstery. Comfortable seats have always been Camry's strong point. The new car received higher seat backs and improved pillows for them.

2013 Camry offers four seat trim options: fabric on LE and XLE, fabric with SOFTEX ™ trim on SE, standard leather trim on XLE V6 and leather Ultrasuede on SE and XLE Hybrid. Seat heating is standard on the XLE V6, and is also available for the SE, XLE with four cylinders.

In front of the console there is a 12 V connector for accessories and a USB port for connecting players and other multimedia devices.

Folding rear seats significantly expand cargo capacity. An armrest with cup holders adds comfort and convenience.

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